Friday, April 14, 2017

Chicago and North Shore Real Estate and Neighborhoods:

A Glimpse of the "606"

What better way to connect the ever booming Bucktown, Wicker Park, Logan Square, and Humboldt Park neighborhoods, than with a repurposed abandoned train line turned trail.  Opened in 2015, the 606 has captured our attention, and brought an excitement and vibrancy to the neighborhoods that didn't exist before! The trail runs 2.7 miles from  Ashland  and Bloomingdale on the east, to Ridgeway on the west.
Milwaukee Avenue Bridge
"The ConAgra Mural" by muralist Jeff Zimmerman
There are on and off ramps about every quarter mile with accessibility to all. Mike and I started the trail at Damen, walked  to the western border at Ridgeway, then turned around to head back to the beginning at Ashland.  We have driven to areas all over Chicago, and have sold properties in neighborhoods throughout, for years, and haven't seen anything that comes close to the "606"... The trail is an exciting addition to the city. It gives you an intimate peek into the neighborhoods, and you really feel the pulse of City! The elevation of the trail lends itself to peering down the streets of  typical residential neighborhoods without having to worry about the stress of traffic. You can see the recent commercial development, the new condos and townhomes, old homes, historic homes along Humboldt Blvd., renovated properties, art projects , native plants, trees, parks,  and perennials, The "L" rustling by, empty manufacturing buildings ready for rehab, and crowds of people on and off the trail enjoying the day in every way possible!
"Brick House" Sculputure of Recycled Rubber Tires, Rubber and Steel, by Chakaia Booker 
"Declaration" Temporary exhibit created by artist Gwendolyn Terry and about 1,000 neighborhood elementary students

When we were done, we headed over to The High Noon Saloon on Milwaukee Ave. for lunch with our two adult children, and then walked over to Reckless Records to wander the aisles. We ended our day at Miko's Italian Ice on Damen, and a quick stop at our @properties Bucktown office down the street! We could have eaten at a number of other places, including Dove Luncheonette, or Publican Anker, or popped in to  Stan's Donuts, or stopped for beer,  Juke Box, and pool at The Gold Star Bar on Division, but there is only so much time in a day! 
 After all, it is springtime in Chicago, and we have buyers and sellers that need us!!!
Speaking of buyers and sellers, if you want to know what the market is doing in your neighborhood, or you would like to find your dream home in Bucktown, Wicker Park, Logan Square, or Humboldt Park, please contact me for a tour! There are so many new places to eat and drink around here,  let's meet at your favorite place, and start your tour! For over 25 years we have been the realtors of choice from Chicagoland to Dairyland. Call 847-409-1550 or email:


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