Tuesday, April 25, 2017

A Glimpse of Spring: First Impressions (Part 2)        

Spring has officially arrived. As the real estate market heats up now is a good time to get the house ready for showings. In my experience, other than price, the showability and condition of the house are the most important aspects of obtaining an acceptable offer in a reasonable period of time.

As the old saying goes, “You only have one chance to make a good first impression” In today’s digital world that first impression is generally online.

Here are some ideas/suggestions that I have shared with people over the years:

§  A spring cleanup is beneficial, either by yourself or a landscape professional. The yard is neat, the grass is cut, and by now flowers are blooming. Fresh plants and mulch are generally inexpensive.

§  Wash the windows and the screens. (See below)

§  Open the drapes and/or blinds. Sunlight helps convey a happy feeling.

§  Clean the house and declutter. It’s spring cleaning time. Go through each room and edit items that are no longer needed or wanted. We will help you do this.

§  Pay special attention when cleaning the spaces around electrical outlets, light switches and baseboards.

§  Dust the furnace, hot water tank, and a/c unit.

§  Replace all burned out light bulbs and faulty switches. LED lights may be an option.

§  Plumbing: replace leaky faucets and toilets.

§  Garage: Clean out unwanted “stuff” and reorganize.

§  Closets: Remove off-season and excess clothing.

§  Counters: Remove items. We will help you stage with minimal items.

§  Open the windows: Breezes cool the house and also generally provide a fresh smelling interior.

§  Fresh paint, and/or replace old carpeting and/or refinish flooring. Ask us current trends in colors and finishes.

Through our experience, we know the reasons people do not buy, as well as the reasons that they do. Our job is to help you prepare your home to give the best first impression. We will go through your home room by room as part of our service.

Let us take you on a tour of the spring market to help you sell or find your dream home, or if you just want to know the sale price of your neighbors’ home. For over twenty-five years, we have been the Realtors of choice from Chicagoland to Dairyland!

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